Company Vision

  • Strategically partner with owners, architects and subcontractors to align interests and replace the confrontational dynamic typically present in our industry
  • Utilize technology to improve, expedite and automate how construction projects are delivered
  • Reduce time for bidding, project management and project execution by planning early and following through relentlessly

Our Story

We started our construction management company in 2013 after being frustrated with the construction industry and how other CM’s run their operations. Michael and Alex provided seed funding and our firm was bootstrapped from day one. We reinvested every penny earned into growth and company infrastructure. Our first commercial project was a high-end art gallery in Chelsea. It was extremely demanding and had to be run on a tight schedule. We raced against the clock to complete this project within four months, and to this date, it is still one of our favorite jobs. The client gave us clear direction, paid for what he asked us to do and was happy when we finished on time. This project gave us the runway to fund our operations, set up an office and pursue other projects. We reinvested the profits from the job to fund our working capital for future projects and scaled from there.

We branched out into managing ground-up construction in 2015.  We are able to scale depending on the project needs always do our best to hire local and work with local labor groups in harmony. We are the underdogs and deliver better value than most of our bloated competition because we are nimble, our overhead is light and we are horizontally integrated. Our company infrastructure is strong, and our bureaucracy is nonexistent. We have strict policies and procedures in place and spend tremendous amounts of time training our employees in all aspects of construction management and project planning.

How We Operate

We are tech savvy and run our entire company utilizing construction management software. Our back office, accounting, payroll, purchasing, front office, project management and supervision is software-based. We rolled out Procore CM software in 2015 and it has revolutionized how Atlas runs projects and provides our internal and external teams with an excellent platform for collaboration and documentation. We hire and promote from within as we offer our employees opportunities to learn and develop professionally.

We’ve completed projects for nonprofit institutions, hotel owners, affordable housing developers, luxury condo developers, as well as commercial, restaurant and retail tenants.

Alex Alexandrov 

Cofounder, CEO

Alex has been involved in the real estate development and construction industry for over nineteen years. Throughout his career, Alex contributed to raising over $600MM in construction and permanent financing through various equity and debt sources and managed in different phases of development and construction. His work concentrated on ground-up multifamily developments and tenant-in-place affordable housing renovations.

Alex co-founded Atlas Builders in 2013 with Michael Yusim and has overseen the scaling and growth of the firm. Alex handles corporate strategy and planning, investor relations, contract negotiation, client management, advisory services, real estate development, sourcing new opportunities and business development.

Michael Yusim

Cofounder, COO

Michael rose through the ranks at various construction firms in New York City prior to co-founding Atlas Builders with Alex. He is an expert in managing all phases of construction, project scheduling and sequencing, establishing scopes of work and coordinating subcontractors and in-house teams. His civil engineering background and 18 years of construction experience working on major high end and affordable housing buildings provided a strong platform to manage complex teams with various skillsets.

Michael oversees day-to-day construction management operations, manages the field supervision, project management staff and enforces site safety. Michael also mentors junior staff while helping our teams improve efficiencies and production capability.